Success Factors Consulting Services

SAP Success Factors – The modular HR Solution in the Cloud

Improve employee experience, overall performance management and operational effectiveness to help transform human resources using EMC SAP SuccessFactors Services.

With EMC SAP Success Factors Consulting Services, Customers can put people at the center of the Business.

In an increasingly connected, digital world, people have more choice for whom they want to work. To keep ahead of the competition, customers need the best talents who constantly work at their full potential. But how do you win the “talent war”? Moreover, how can you keep your employees fully engaged?

The answer is provided in the shape of SAP SuccessFactors. The integrated, cloud-based Human Experience Management suite contains all the necessary tools and best-of-breed technology for finding and binding employees.

With core HR and talent management functionalities, EMC SuccessFactors services supports our customers in creating a superior workforce experience. Since end-to-end processes and integrated data are the basis for a holistic people management, customer employees will always have the right information at the right time, so they are able to do what’s required to drive your business success forward.

Modular structure of the SAP Success Factors

Recruitment & Onboarding
  • The Recruiting solution allows customers to significantly enhance their company’s visibility on the job market. The integrated comprehensive toolkit for selection and analysis helps you to find the perfect match for your vacancies.
  • Once the new employee is hired, customer teams need to help them settle into their new role. The Onboarding module doesn’t only help new employee to connect with contact partners and colleagues, it also organizes the initial training before visiting the office for the first time. Hence, customers can ensure a smooth start at work with no need for an extended training period.
Core HR & Payroll
  • Employee Central solution [EC] , a user-friendly hub for all employee and organizational data, all your staff members are able to update their personal details – quickly and easily. This self-service solution saves time and effort for employees as well as the customer HR department
  • With the Payroll module [ECP], you can ensure that all your pay checks are accurate and constantly arrive on time. Payroll is a secure, scalable, and flexible solution with automatic legal compliance and global reach.
Performance & Compensation
  • With Performance & Goals, customer employees are fully aware of their own assignments and the overall company objectives. With continuous and employee-specific feedbacks, they receive the ideal support to exceed expectations. Customers also able to accurately measure the performance of all staff members and assess individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • With Compensation, which is connected to the Performance & Goals module, customer always have a precise overview of their  bonus budget, so you can precisely determine how much bonus payment each employee has earned.

Succession & Development

With the Succession & Development module, customers are able to identify special skills, critical roles and high potentials – everything based on reliable data. Develop their talents effectively and select ideal replacements or successions from their internal staff.


The Learning solution helps to accelerate customer employee’s development in a considerable way. A whole spectrum of formal, informal, social, and extended learning programs, which can all be combined, intensifies the personal strengths of employees and keeps your people engaged and motivated.

Social Collaboration

The Social Collaboration tool allows customer employees to easily connect with colleagues and even external partners, which lays the foundation for more efficient cooperative work. It improves access to shared information and helps to make decision-making even more successful.

Experience Management

How EMC can support their customers with SAP SuccessFactors

EMC can be predestined specialist for all our Customer HR projects. EMC’s experienced HXM team can help to realise their Customer SuccessFactors project successfully.  Since EMC brings in over 20+ years of experience, we understand the Customers’ market, industry, and country-specific regulations.

EMC’s combined product knowledge, experience and industry expertise using HXM strategies for HR reinvention elevates your employee experience. EMC brings rich experienced practitioners together to empower leading brands and help their organization succeed with their HR strategies.

Customers can benefit from the EMC breadth of expertise from over 50+ SAP SuccessFactors practitioners with knowledge of many different frameworks and accelerators.

To successfully implement an HXM solution, it is necessary to understand an organization’s strategic vision and link it with all the global and local business requirements. EMC deliver everything and combine it to meet our customer needs.

Depending on customer specific individual requirements, our customer may prefer to choose our SAP Packaged Offers that includes a standardized SAP SuccessFactors implementation approach with a fixed timing and pricing. Furthermore, EMC leverage SAP technology to enhance SAP SuccessFactors with our Qualified Development Teams.

Are you ready to generate experience-oriented outcomes for your HR organization with EMC and SAP SuccessFactors solution? Write to us